During the constructions of excavation, it is very common to encounter soft rock or broken rock, fractured zone and large deformation due to high ground stress. In the case of serious collapsing, soil nail anchors have proven themselves particularly useful in this extremely challenging excavation application. Extra-long soil nail anchors are tensioned so that deformations of the excavation confinement are actively managed. Controlled load application is ensured before excavation is begun so that construction work is safe for all parties involved as well as for adjacent buildings. In excavations where deformations are irrelevant, passive systems such as soil nails or tension piles can be used.

Sinorock self-drilling soil nail can cut and joint at any point to meet the length required. It embodies drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole.Widely used as an efficient anchoring means, in excavation application, tunnel construction, slope stabilization, civil foundations.