Soil nail is a continuous thread rod can be cut and connect at any point to fit work in the narrow construction. When processing the thread soil nail, thread-rolling machine is the main equipment. The thread quality has improved largely than primary pipe threader, thread surface is smooth and tensile strength is improved.

During soil nail rolling process, soil nail is located between two rollers, there are supporting block and strut bar below. The height of supporting block and strut bar should be corrected and controlled frequently to maintain level of soil nail.

Rolling pressure can not only influence quality of thread, but also influence precision and lifetime of equipment. If rolling pressure is big, thread and thread-rolling machine will have defect and loss. If rolling pressure is small, the pitch diameter of thread will big and outer diameter is small, thread form is not full and tensile strength will decrease; Choosing appropriate rolling time should depend on several factors, such as rolling pressure, material’s physical property, size and shape, etc.