Advantages of soil nails for slope stability


Soil nails presents the following advantages for slope stability that have be contributed to many countries in more recent times.


1. Rate of construction : Fast rates of construction can be achieved if adequateequipment is employed.


2.Economy : hollow steel bar reinforcement is inexpensive. The concrete or shotcrete for the soil nail head is relatively small and inexpensive. Construction techniques aresimple and quick. Skilled labor can be minimized. According to research result that, soil nailing can result in a cost saving of 10 to 30 percent whencompared to tieback walls.


3.Light construction equipment: Soil nailing can be done using a conventionaldrilling rig and grouting equipment. Thus, equipment can be delivered to siteeasily even in areas with difficult access or limited working space constraints.


4.Flexibility : Soil nailing retaining structures are more flexible than classicalcast-in-place reinforced concrete retaining structures. Soil nails can beincorporated with other earth retaining system such as Tie-back wall, Skill walletc. Also soil nails can limit the deformation or settlement in the vicinity of existing structures such as a foundation. This characteristic of soil nailing can help to provide economical retaining structures on unstableslopes.


5. Adaptability to different soil type : Soil nails can still be used in heterogeneousground where boulders or hard rocks may be encountered in the soil slope. Soil nailing generally is more feasible than other techniques.