Soil nail anchoring technology is widely used in the practical engineering, was originated in England in the early 20th century. It skillfully uses the high tensile strength and elongation of soil nail, thus improving the strength and stability of rock-soil body, fully taping the potential of rock-soil body, effectively saving the cost of the project and being conducive to the construction safety, so soil nailing becomes one of the most economic and effective ways of increasing the rock soil engineering stability and solve the complex and difficult problem in geotechnical engineering.

However, the service life of the soil nail embedded in the rock layer is more dependent on the corrosion resistance of the anchor bolt.

Sinorock stainless soil nail is made of stainless materials, which has higher intensity and broader applied conditions. Good capacity of welding and anti-corrosion determine that anchor bolt can suit for special construction conditions, such as: undersea tunnel, harbor, etc. Compared with common soil nail, stainless self drilling soil nail has certain resistance to air, water and chemical reagents. So it has longer life, generally it can reach about 120 years.